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Wire Knot Ring Tutorial

One of my absolute, all-time favorite tutorials has got to be the Wire Knot Ring Tutorial from Handmadeology. The clear, precise directions made it an absolute joy to learn from. I present to you my take (two, actually) on the ring.


My first attempt was incredibly clumsy. It’s hard to work with 20gauge half-hard Argentium Sterling Silver, which I used in both my rings. Especially when I for the life of me couldn’t make my ends fold right. The knot is so beautifully made in the tutorial,  and I think it will take a few tries to get it that smooth and even. Mine are more twisted, even rose-like. That’s what I’m calling these rings. My Rose Rings. Ha!

Here’s the first attempt. Note the tool marks all over the “rose” – these are from the many loops and re-loops. To avoid these, either dip your tools in Tool Magic or file off the marks with a metal file as recommended in the tutorial. Tool marks don’t bother me.

Wire Knot Ring #1


Wire Knot Ring #1

Please excuse my Frankenfingers. I do need a manicure. See the weird whorls? Can do better. So I tried again, in my Take 2. This time, I slipped a Golden Pyrite Rondelle on a 26ga Sterling Silver wire, twisted it to stay in place and passed the wire ends through the center of the knot before I tightened the loops. This thin wire I then twisted around under the Rose, out of sight and mostly invisible.

I used just two wraps of a thin lipbalm as shown in the original, and I really love how quick and economical this project is. Cost me about $0.40 for the plain ring. Really. And mine was tarnish-proof Argentium wire, so sterling silver will be even cheaper. Why would you buy a ring like this?

This version, in which I made a larger rose in keeping with the size of the Pyrite center, I loved. I’m wearing it as I write this, and may not take it off. Ever.


Wire Knot Ring #2


In conclusion, this is a tutorial I really recommend. If you have the tools, the wire and the time, I would urge you to make yourself your very own ring. I plan to make some in all colors of the rainbow just to stack them. Use a big disco ball of a crystal to make a cocktail ring. The possibilities are endless!