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Favorite Pins

My Favorite Pins, DIY Style!

There is so much information on Pinterest. Every day, thousands of new ideas are pinned, and it drives me absolutely nuts when I am not on Pinterest. Just imagining all the incredible pins I’m missing out on gives me panic attacks! I’m kidding, I am not that far gone. Yet. Here are some of my favorite pins.

DIY Clothes

Incredible Scallop Waist Skirt! I wish I had a waist like her.

Gorgeous Green Dress, architectural and interesting.

DIY @ Home




Decorate your own Stoneware:

Source: via Sneha on Pinterest



I’m Late Anyway..

Source: via Sneha on Pinterest



Dollar Store Gorgeous








Miu Miu Shoes



Soho Tote Pattern



Ruffle Scarf



DIY Soap and Beauty Products

Homemade Solid Perfume – I’ll make mine Honeysuckle scented