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Wire Knot Ring Tutorial

One of my absolute, all-time favorite tutorials has got to be the Wire Knot Ring Tutorial from Handmadeology. The clear, precise directions made it an absolute joy to learn from. I present to you my take (two, actually) on the ring.


My first attempt was incredibly clumsy. It’s hard to work with 20gauge half-hard Argentium Sterling Silver, which I used in both my rings. Especially when I for the life of me couldn’t make my ends fold right. The knot is so beautifully made in the tutorial,  and I think it will take a few tries to get it that smooth and even. Mine are more twisted, even rose-like. That’s what I’m calling these rings. My Rose Rings. Ha!

Here’s the first attempt. Note the tool marks all over the “rose” – these are from the many loops and re-loops. To avoid these, either dip your tools in Tool Magic or file off the marks with a metal file as recommended in the tutorial. Tool marks don’t bother me.

Wire Knot Ring #1


Wire Knot Ring #1

Please excuse my Frankenfingers. I do need a manicure. See the weird whorls? Can do better. So I tried again, in my Take 2. This time, I slipped a Golden Pyrite Rondelle on a 26ga Sterling Silver wire, twisted it to stay in place and passed the wire ends through the center of the knot before I tightened the loops. This thin wire I then twisted around under the Rose, out of sight and mostly invisible.

I used just two wraps of a thin lipbalm as shown in the original, and I really love how quick and economical this project is. Cost me about $0.40 for the plain ring. Really. And mine was tarnish-proof Argentium wire, so sterling silver will be even cheaper. Why would you buy a ring like this?

This version, in which I made a larger rose in keeping with the size of the Pyrite center, I loved. I’m wearing it as I write this, and may not take it off. Ever.


Wire Knot Ring #2


In conclusion, this is a tutorial I really recommend. If you have the tools, the wire and the time, I would urge you to make yourself your very own ring. I plan to make some in all colors of the rainbow just to stack them. Use a big disco ball of a crystal to make a cocktail ring. The possibilities are endless!


My Favorite Pins, DIY Style!

There is so much information on Pinterest. Every day, thousands of new ideas are pinned, and it drives me absolutely nuts when I am not on Pinterest. Just imagining all the incredible pins I’m missing out on gives me panic attacks! I’m kidding, I am not that far gone. Yet. Here are some of my favorite pins.

DIY Clothes

Incredible Scallop Waist Skirt! I wish I had a waist like her.

Gorgeous Green Dress, architectural and interesting.

DIY @ Home




Decorate your own Stoneware:

Source: via Sneha on Pinterest



I’m Late Anyway..

Source: via Sneha on Pinterest



Dollar Store Gorgeous








Miu Miu Shoes



Soho Tote Pattern



Ruffle Scarf



DIY Soap and Beauty Products

Homemade Solid Perfume – I’ll make mine Honeysuckle scented

Pinned it, Made it, Loved it!

Pinterest is an obsession of mine, and at the time of starting this blog I have over 1200 pins on 24 boards. I’m very crafty, so most of them are diy-related. It’s also an old joke that you never make anything from Pinterest, you just pin stuff that you plan to make… someday.

Follow Me on Pinterest

Well, not any more! I’m going to realize my Pinned Dreams one at a time, and will document them here for posterity. I am going to Pin it, Make it, Love it!!